Living Room Bay Hill

Living Room Bay Hill

After a day of work, come home and relax in a sunny room with light furnishings and views of the golf course, harmonizing with wine and good company. Priceless.

An irregularly shaped room asked for attention to the carpet and the layout, since both needed to shape the environment without taking away the harmony.

Artefacto Miami hardwood furniture, Z Gallerie mirrored table, Italian demolition wood trim and custom carpet make this environment the perfect place to chat and gather family and friends.

Frames in black and white value the green outside, causing nature to come indoors. A true living picture, which moves according to external events and modifies following the season: spring, summer, winter or autumn, all with its charms. The architect knew how to value the existing, have furniture to gather many people and preserved what the room has the best: the view.

Shutters have been used in fine fabric, but do not take out the light and the night give the space the necessary privacy.

The lighting became basic, taking advantage of the existing, just changing the lamps by LED, current trend.

The demolition wood sideboard receives the wine glasses and bottles without much formality, leaving the environment more natural and uncluttered. This home is in Bay Hill, Orlando, Florida.