Banheiros Personalizados


Interior Architecture Tip:

Always hire a Professional in the area.

He can help you by specifying the appropriate and aesthetically perfect materials.

To have an exclusive, decorated and perfect bathroom, the architect must design the renovation or a new bathroom from the start.

The bathroom decoration requires several elements of hygiene, humidity and function and for this, a good professional is always necessary. This bathroom was designed for a discerning European customer, who wanted a unique space.

The inner lining of the box was designed partly in porcelain with wood motif to give a rustic air and another part in white glazed porcelain, ensuring the lightness of the environment.

The floor inside the box continues on the outside, also in imitation wood porcelain, non-slip.

To have a charm under the cabinet, white river stones decorated in white ceramic vases and plants that humanize this part.

The workbench was made in corian, material that does not allow the proliferation of bacteria and has great facility for cleaning.

The tub is built-in and leaves the environment cleaner.

The green of the countertop cabinet adds to the green of the plants and brings nature into the space. Performed in bright lacquer contrasts with the frosted floor and the river stones.

The drawers in the cabinet cupboards are built-in to prevent people from getting hurt.

The box of tempered glass and with safety film and decorated with a strip of white serigraphy, strategically placed at the height of the intimate parts of a person, which gives the total privacy to the user.

It follows up to the ceiling, preventing steam from spreading into the entire bathroom. This also favors the design and cost of this bathroom, once the need for external casing is abolished.

Each being has a soul, a need and therefore a customized design.