News for your wall!

If you do not want to use wallpaper or stickers, these printed paint rollers can give a very special and subtle touch to your home.

It became known on the internet when Sarah Bosanquet was discovered. She is the owner of The Painted House, located in England. She says she discover the stamped rolls in a market in Romania; It has been used for effects in over 100 years.

In addition to walls, this material can be used to create effects on other surfaces, such as fabrics, papers, MDF, furniture. Still can go beyond – apply on curtains, wipes, cushions, picture frames ….

As prints that can be found are also quite varied. Animals, flowers, foliage in several.

The application seems to be very easy, but it requires a little bit of skill and care. Simply put in the desired position and slide to the end. The results are very interesting, looking handmade.

pintura-estampada-decoracao pintura-

Did you like this incredible and great idea? It will be a pleasure working with you!