Visual Communication for Commercial Spaces

Make things beautifully simple for your customers. Set the tone with a gorgeously decorated space, then show them what to do without the need for a plethora of signs. The right visual communication in your commercial space will improve your customers’ experience, by cutting down the confusion.


If you have an office that clients visit for appointments, the right visuals will show your customers straight away where they need to check in and where they can wait. By using visual indicators, your customers will be able to get around without needing to ask. When you make things simple, your clients will feel more relaxed and at ease when they enter your office. By giving them a positive visitor experience, you will greatly increase the chance that they will want to return.


Whether you own a cafe, bar or restaurant, make sure your customers want to come back time and time again with great visual communication. A place that’s hard to navigate or has a confusing ordering process will frustrate your customers – meaning they are less likely to return, and less likely to recommend you to family and friends. Table service, or casual concept? Let your visuals tell the story – help your customers understand what you offer from the moment they step inside. The right visual communication will let guests understand the flow of your space, making for a positive customer experience and a higher potential for return visits.


Choose a trusted Florida interior design company with your commercial visual communication. Based in Orlando, the team at Objective Interior Architecture & Design have over 20 years of experience helping Florida businesses successfully communicate with their customers. We have specialized expertise in designing for medical offices, retail and hospitality venues. What’s more, we can help you plan your space from start to finish – our team includes certified architects and qualified designers that will recommend the best layout for the flow of your business. Maybe you want to feature an open concept office or restaurant kitchen? We will help you plan to perfectly showcase your team at work while also maintaining practicality.


Tell the story of your business and help your customers find their way around with great commercial visual communication!